Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

My best-friend Katie "recycled" some of her sons toys to us this past week and we are loving them. A sand and water table (which I have made a dried pinto bean table) and a little table and chair set for outdoors! I have been steadily working on Addison's play area and these 2 items will make fine additions. She played with the pinto table for the first time today and loves it. She scoops them up and then pours them back out. I can't wait to see what she does when we take her to the beach this summer, she loves to scoop things into her bucket already. Oh what fun she is.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

simple sunday

I decided today that I would build Addison a play area all by myself. Stephen is all for it! And so the progress begins.......

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Isn't she lovely

I have several azalea's in the yard that are very full and sparkling white and I decided a few weekd ago that I would dress my little doll up and take her picture in front of one. So I did today! She is quite the little ham....... but so pretty even if we do say so ourselves

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just a swingin'

Hi there wiggles! You are very neat
That is a little close wiggles

I love to swing

This is bunny face

Her hair is getting so light

Suddenly her favorite thing in the entire world is to swing! She has a blue plane swing on the porch and now if she glances out the window and notices it there YOU MUST SWING HER!! She doesn't pitch a fit or whine at all she simply says the word "wing" over and over and over again until you surrender. It really is wonderful how she has her own likes and dislikes now and her bubbly personality is developing more and more everyday. On this particular day of swinging we also met a caterpillar. I named him wiggles and she thought that was funny. She didn't want to touch him at all, she was perfectly content just watching.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Maw-Maw is doing great!! Out of her overnight stay in ICU and into a regular room. She is doing very well and the doctors are pleased concidering her age and suddenly slightly declining health. But we all have faith that she will re-cover well. Addison and I went to visit her today and ate lunch at the hospital with everyone then back home for a nap and play. And, she did take a few "unassisted" steps today! YEAH!!! She can walk! She just chooses not to do so unattented at this time and that is alright with us. She has a very sweet and patient demeanor and simply can't be rushed. Afterall she was nearly 2 weeks late and I knew then she couldn't be rushed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day!

She likes to get under her chair and the table??
Hi Mommy
Steadily cooking and chatting of course

Balancing every so carefully

My Maw-Maw had her surgery today and so far so good! It took a little longer than expected but I think that is always the case with doctors. Addison and I went to the hospital this morning before her surgery then to lunch and home for her usual nap time. Taking a 14 month old to the hospital for a visit is Ok in moderation but she can't be pinned down in a stroller for long, besides she likes to crawl and cruise around and explore. However the germy hospital is not something I want her "crawling around". After her nap she played with her kitchen set. I had debated on buying her one and thought that Santa might brind her one but she loves the one at Church nursery so much I hated to make her wait until Christmas so when I found these pieces seperately at Yard Sales and Consignment shops I new it was meant to be her's. She had cooked everything from waffles to remote controls in the past few days. She has an awesome imagination already

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally a semi-warm day

Today was semi-warm, still windy but we didn't have to have a jacket. Addison and I ran errands today, went grocery shopping and mopped the floors. My Maw-Maw is having her surgery tomorrow at noon and depending on how that goes, I didn't want errands on my mind too, so we got everything done today. She was a perfect little helper - not to fussy in the car (as she usually is very good) and then we had lunch at Chick-fil-A (a quick nap in the car seat), so I did all of my drive-thru errands before I woke her up to go into the grocery store. Then once we got home she took another hour nap and was ready to play and stretch her limbs since she was confined for most of the morning. She really is my little buddy! Always with me, eager to help (she likes to hold the list in the grocery store) and we sing and dance in the car (it passes the time). I really believe God couldn't has picked a better little girl for Stephen and I. She loves to play rowdy with him and crawl wide-open chasing him around but is just as content to sit with me and read books, play dolls, or swing on the swing. I can't wait to see how she really takes to being outside once it stays consistently warm outside. Is that ever going to happen?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Non-Manic Monday

Oh Samantha, Mommy says you are very special
Here let me help you back into the box

She just kept giggleing

She way saying "ohhh weee mommy baby!"

WOW!! This is her first true love.... "her Boo Baby" we don't sleep without her

Cheese! The new fun thing to do while Mommy takes pictures

Not quite awake yet

This is what a 4.5 hour nap looks like.......

Today was pretty calm and constructive. I got all of Addison's Easter bunny loot put away and then went through my closet (out with the winter and in with the spring) I am convinced that if I pack all my sweaters up tight that spring will stick around. We shall see. Also Addison decided that since today was off/on rainy weather that she would take advantage and nap for nearly 4.5 hours! Only to wake-up to find that the UPS man has brought "Samantha" to us! Some of you may not realize with Samantha is an American Girl doll who was discontinued in 2008 and backordered until May 2009 so when she arrived today the excitement was just too great. This is a special doll not to be played with until we are a little older, but she already loves her just as I had hoped!


My goodness my goodness this past weekend has been wild and fun-filled! Let's see where to begin........
Friday night we had off/on tornado warnings and had to spend most of the evening across the street in our neighbors basement because we don't have on. Stephen was stuck in town and just happened to be stranded under the bridge near Appalachian Grill so I say "Bring home 2 to-go salads and a pecan chicken to split"! YUM-O!!!
Saturday morning Addison and I went to "breakfast with the bunny" at church and then and egg-hunt. That was a lot of fun. She found 3 eggs! And would have been just as content with 1. She is still too little to get the whole and egg-hunt thing but she sure was having a lot of fun. That Afternoon my neighbors had another egg-hunt and this time 2 eggs that looked like baseballs. Then she found a spot under the tree and sat down with her bounty with complete contentment. Later that night Stephen, his neice Rose Marie and I went to a Thrashers game and Addison stayed with my parents. She loves to go over there because my Dad will do what ever she wants (even crawl around the floor and chase her) and my mom let her "paint" easter eggs for the big family hunt on Sunday! WOW what a day!!
Easter Sunday! The Easter Bunny hopped over and brought Addison a wagon filled with goodies-no chocolate bunny though! Maybe next year. Then we went to Church and then to my parents for a delicious dinner and yet another......... EGG HUNT!!! I am afraid she is starting to think that this is going to be an everyday activity now. This time she was all in it! The crowd was smaller and she dug in and found a basket full! Too funny. She is getting so independant now, I think walking is just around the corner! Oh and... You may have noticed in the photo's that Addison has 2 easter dresses, well we had already bought the creamsicle orange one then my Maw-Maw bought all three girls the nearly matching dresses so she had to wear that one to my parents house. What a lucky girl!