Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Windy Wednesday

Let's see.... today was pretty calm but very productive! I woke-up at 7 am finished my laundry from yesterday, cleaned the kitchen, organized my nieces baby shower invitations, went to the tanning bed, got Addison fed and dressed all before 11 am! Hot-Dog! We went to the hospital to visit my Maw-Maw then back home for her afternoon nap which usually last about 3 hours and then outside it was! She wanted to swing or "win" as she calls it, then ball! Ball is a new game. She holds the ball and say "on, free, go" then throws it. That is suppose to be "on your mark, get-set, go" not to be confused with "1,2,3 go"! Everything we do as to start off that way, wether it's sliding down the slide or just playing with her doll-house people. She likes structure. Just like me! I try to make learning the ABC's and 123's fun so when it's time to really do so she will be thinking "this is a fun game". She is so smart and already tries to copy me saying "ABCD" 4-letters at a time is much more effective. I think Thursday we are going to the petting zoo at the Learning Express if the weather is fit! Enjoy the photos

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