Friday, April 17, 2009

Just a swingin'

Hi there wiggles! You are very neat
That is a little close wiggles

I love to swing

This is bunny face

Her hair is getting so light

Suddenly her favorite thing in the entire world is to swing! She has a blue plane swing on the porch and now if she glances out the window and notices it there YOU MUST SWING HER!! She doesn't pitch a fit or whine at all she simply says the word "wing" over and over and over again until you surrender. It really is wonderful how she has her own likes and dislikes now and her bubbly personality is developing more and more everyday. On this particular day of swinging we also met a caterpillar. I named him wiggles and she thought that was funny. She didn't want to touch him at all, she was perfectly content just watching.

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