Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funny Farm

I took Addison and my neice Peyton to a petting farm at the Learning Express today in Woodstock! It was excellent! Tons of pets: a calf, pony, donkey, rooster, lambs, pigs and piglets. Addison liked it as long as she could touch them, but really wasn't into them touching her at all. After we touched everything a million times and I said "DO NOT put your hands in your mouth" three million times we sanitized and went inside the store to play with everything. They are all about hands-on educational toys! Love it! They have tons of fun stations and Melissa and Doug sets. They had so much fun amd Addison thinks she is just as big as Peyton. Literally everything Peyton does she wants to do too! She is 14 months now and still afraid to solo walk but is still very determined to be a big kid, she will crawl all over a jungle gym and the sand box but will not let go to walk. She is very timid and tender hearted so we know she can walk but it just takes her courage a little longer than her ability. All in good time!

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