Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day!

She likes to get under her chair and the table??
Hi Mommy
Steadily cooking and chatting of course

Balancing every so carefully

My Maw-Maw had her surgery today and so far so good! It took a little longer than expected but I think that is always the case with doctors. Addison and I went to the hospital this morning before her surgery then to lunch and home for her usual nap time. Taking a 14 month old to the hospital for a visit is Ok in moderation but she can't be pinned down in a stroller for long, besides she likes to crawl and cruise around and explore. However the germy hospital is not something I want her "crawling around". After her nap she played with her kitchen set. I had debated on buying her one and thought that Santa might brind her one but she loves the one at Church nursery so much I hated to make her wait until Christmas so when I found these pieces seperately at Yard Sales and Consignment shops I new it was meant to be her's. She had cooked everything from waffles to remote controls in the past few days. She has an awesome imagination already

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