Monday, April 13, 2009


My goodness my goodness this past weekend has been wild and fun-filled! Let's see where to begin........
Friday night we had off/on tornado warnings and had to spend most of the evening across the street in our neighbors basement because we don't have on. Stephen was stuck in town and just happened to be stranded under the bridge near Appalachian Grill so I say "Bring home 2 to-go salads and a pecan chicken to split"! YUM-O!!!
Saturday morning Addison and I went to "breakfast with the bunny" at church and then and egg-hunt. That was a lot of fun. She found 3 eggs! And would have been just as content with 1. She is still too little to get the whole and egg-hunt thing but she sure was having a lot of fun. That Afternoon my neighbors had another egg-hunt and this time 2 eggs that looked like baseballs. Then she found a spot under the tree and sat down with her bounty with complete contentment. Later that night Stephen, his neice Rose Marie and I went to a Thrashers game and Addison stayed with my parents. She loves to go over there because my Dad will do what ever she wants (even crawl around the floor and chase her) and my mom let her "paint" easter eggs for the big family hunt on Sunday! WOW what a day!!
Easter Sunday! The Easter Bunny hopped over and brought Addison a wagon filled with goodies-no chocolate bunny though! Maybe next year. Then we went to Church and then to my parents for a delicious dinner and yet another......... EGG HUNT!!! I am afraid she is starting to think that this is going to be an everyday activity now. This time she was all in it! The crowd was smaller and she dug in and found a basket full! Too funny. She is getting so independant now, I think walking is just around the corner! Oh and... You may have noticed in the photo's that Addison has 2 easter dresses, well we had already bought the creamsicle orange one then my Maw-Maw bought all three girls the nearly matching dresses so she had to wear that one to my parents house. What a lucky girl!

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