Monday, April 13, 2009

Non-Manic Monday

Oh Samantha, Mommy says you are very special
Here let me help you back into the box

She just kept giggleing

She way saying "ohhh weee mommy baby!"

WOW!! This is her first true love.... "her Boo Baby" we don't sleep without her

Cheese! The new fun thing to do while Mommy takes pictures

Not quite awake yet

This is what a 4.5 hour nap looks like.......

Today was pretty calm and constructive. I got all of Addison's Easter bunny loot put away and then went through my closet (out with the winter and in with the spring) I am convinced that if I pack all my sweaters up tight that spring will stick around. We shall see. Also Addison decided that since today was off/on rainy weather that she would take advantage and nap for nearly 4.5 hours! Only to wake-up to find that the UPS man has brought "Samantha" to us! Some of you may not realize with Samantha is an American Girl doll who was discontinued in 2008 and backordered until May 2009 so when she arrived today the excitement was just too great. This is a special doll not to be played with until we are a little older, but she already loves her just as I had hoped!

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